Store Vendor Information

Thanks for your interest in stocking your products in our new store!
Here are all the details you need to get going.

Ready to apply?  First, you have to read through the Vendor Agreement so you're up to speed on the requirements and expectations and such, then click on the button below to apply!

We can’t wait to work with you!

Yay, you’re interested in being a vendor!  If accepted to sell in our store you will be bound under contract to the terms and agreements below. 

Vendor Qualifications and Our Promise

We want a versatile Mercantile store filled with small-batch, handcrafted goods mostly created by Local, Texas artisans & makers. We like unique, eclectic, high-quality local products that ooze character...Our mission is to help inspired creatives give life to their goods by establishing and growing successful businesses and products. To foster this creative economy, we strive to include in our store mostly items that are original, handmade, unique, vintage, repurposed, or designed and locally produced. We want to support fellow Texans! We will prioritize shops that fall under these categories, but all are welcome to apply! By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you commit to only sell products that fall under this criteria or are explicitly stated otherwise. Anything not in compliance with these efforts, delightful as it may be, will not be accepted or will be pulled from the store unless otherwise agreed upon.

We do not accept “resale” products, including MLMs, or “party”-type businesses, our love for parties notwithstanding. If we have questions regarding the nature of your products, we will email you to clarify before disqualifying your application. Our store is a collective of local, handpicked artisans to ensure our vendors are the cream of the crop. We sure hope that’s you!

Retail Store Location

200 N. Main St, Buda, TX 78610 - in the Heart of the Historic Main Street District.
Contact us via email at:
Store phone number: 512.523.8440

We accept consignment & wholesale vendors all year long!

Apply anytime!

Consignment Vendor Information & Agreements

Each consignment vendor interested in selling with us will fill out an application form and then, if accepted, will work with Buda Mercantile Co. to get their products into our store by signing a vendor agreement.

Consignment @ BMCo.

Buda Mercantile Co. will curate the store - meaning if accepted into the shop we will look at your product offering and decide which items we think will sell best. Not all products will be picked initially, but products we don't select at first may be selected for future seasons. Your products may be mixed with other products in the same category, like a typical retail store.

Benefits of consignment:

  • Low risk - There is no upfront cost to sell with us. If you don't sell, it costs you nothing. As such, it's a great option for trying out a new product line.
  • Cheaper than wholesale - You keep more of the retail price than if you sold wholesale.
  • We provide all displays - You don't need to do anything besides make, label and drop off your products. We take care of the rest.  If there are displays you would like to use for your products, please send photos and we will try to accommodate your request.


We love featuring new artists, makers, authors and everything in between! Please submit photos, links and bio to!


We require that every product delivery be inventoried by our staff at the time of drop off. We will complete an inventory sheet of our own and it will be signed by both you and us, indicating that we both agree the quantities on the sheet are correct. At the end of the inventory period we will do a final inventory of the products we give back to you. Because we have the opportunity to inventory your products, we will assume the responsibility of theft, damaged and lost products. You will be paid for every item you delivered, minus the products you take back.

Product Integrity

Products you bring to the store must be in compliance with all applicable local, state and federal laws for the type of products you offer. It is your responsibility to know which laws apply to your products and to ensure that they are in compliance with all copyright, food handling, labeling, labor, and any other laws, rules or regulations that apply. All products from vendors that are found to be in violation will be removed from the store immediately. 

We strive to offer products that are good for the environment and for the community. As you design, produce and package your products, please do your best to minimize packaging, reduce waste, reuse materials and recycle. Please also do your best to ensure your products are sourced ethically. Trust us, any additional cost or effort will pay off in the long run, plus we'll love you all the more.

Product Drop off

We will coordinate all product drop-offs with the vendors. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule, but cannot always guarantee our schedules will jive… please do not show up unexpectedly or unannounced- we may not be available, and that makes everyone sad.

The following items are required for consignment at setup:

  • Direct Deposit Agreement - All vendor payments will be made by direct deposit.  A completed Direct Deposit Agreement is required. Your completed agreement will need to be submitted with a stapled, voided check.  If you don’t have checks, get a direct deposit printout from your bank and staple it to your agreement instead. If you have submitted an agreement to us before and your banking information has not changed, a new one will not be required.
  • Consignment Agreement - Please review our Consignment Agreement.  You will be required to sign the agreement at product drop off, or you may complete it ahead of time and bring it in with you.
  • W9 - A completed W9 from our friends at the IRS is required.  If you’ve submitted one of these to us already in this calendar year, and if nothing has changed, a new one is not required.
  • Product Inventory - We require that it be completed on our form, the quantities checked by our staff, and the form signed by you and our staff.  (see the previous section for more information). 
  • Vendor information Sheet & Application - Only required for first-time vendors, unless any information changes. Please keep your vendor information updated.


We will let you know when your inventory is running low (which means your incredible work is selling!!!) We ask that you have back-up pieces available to restock your inventory to ensure continuity in the collections and a general attractiveness to the space (Nobody likes open spaces on the wall/shelf/easel!!!) Some additional storage for inventory is available so don't be afraid to bring extra stock.


We provide a central checkout for all vendors, with the exception of select food, beverage and outdoor weekend “pop-up” vendors we invite for special events!
We will accept cash, Buda Mercantile Gift Cards and all major credit cards.


All vendors accepted into the market will be granted 3 months period in our store with reinstatement happening by review quarterly.


You may be spotlighted on our website, blog, and social media including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, press releases or other media while your products are for sale in our store. We’ll pull from the photos you submit with your application or from your feeds with permission, so make sure to send us images you’re proud to share!
We will provide you with an electronic packet of graphics to use on your social media accounts to advertise the store, our grand opening, events, and/or any specials or promotional days and workshops that we arrange.

We will release announcements and limited print advertising to the press around the Buda/Austin/Hill country area, do extensive social media advertising, as well as place posters to get traffic to the store.

We encourage vendors to advertise through their own Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.


All vendors will receive payment by direct deposit for their earnings, issued monthly, with a detailed sales report.


In order to be accepted, you must fulfill these minimum requirements:

  • All products must be at minimum, designed by a Texas resident (unless otherwise discussed) with a valid Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit, unless otherwise agreed upon. (We may accept national/international brands/makers at our discretion)
  • Brand must have an online presence (social media), be available online through Etsy or another website or participate in pop-up/makers market events, unless otherwise agreed upon. 
  • Product of interest must be available for continuous supply or restocking, unless one-of-a-kind/vintage.
  • Proper and thorough branding of each item including product label and details including company name, content, where it’s made, and other important information should be included with your items. 
  • Vendor agrees Buda Mercantile would be the only retailer for approved brand on Historic Main Street in Buda to offer Vendor’s merchandise for sale unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties.

In the event you are not approved, there are a variety of reasons why we might not be able to accept your product. These reasons include: Not made or created locally, issues with workmanship, underdeveloped concept of product, poor communication with vendor, lack of demand based on market knowledge or similar products are already for sale in the Mercantile. We also have a waitlist available for rotating vendors and seasonal opportunities.  We are always happy to revisit applications and communicate with vendors regarding sales when these issues are fixed- we love local!!!

*This agreement is subject to change without notice. Please check the website for updates.
200 N. Main St, Buda, TX 78610
STORE HOURS: 11AM - 7PM - Closed Tuesdays
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